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Handmade Sharp Edge Resin RPG Dice Set

Handmade Sharp Edge Resin RPG Dice Set

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Handmade resin cast dice sets in various colors. They feature sharp edges, white inking, gold leaf and a color transition from opaque to more transparent. The custom makers mark represents the highest value on each die. Every set comes with a standard 7 RPG dice, which includes one of each of the following 20, 12, 8, 6 and 4 sided dice and two dice with 10 sides.

Each individual die is larger than those found in your average RPG dice set. The heights are as follows when measured from flat surface to highest point:
D20 - 27mm / 1.1in / 1.4x average size
D12 - 24mm / 0.94in / 1.3x avg.
D10 - 21mm / 0.81in / 1.3x avg.
D00 - 21mm / 0.81in 1.3x avg.
D8 - 18mm / 0.71in / 1.2x avg.
D6 - 18mm / 0.71in / 1.2x avg.
D4 - 27mm / 1.1in / 1.6x avg.

NOTE: There will be slight variations in size, color, inking, etc. that are a natural side effect of being handmade
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